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NO.1 Which name is used by a service provider to identify the edge device inside the central office
facing the customer?
A. P
Answer: D

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NO.2 Your customer is a government organization with strict security requirements. They want to
expand their Layer 2 infrastructure between multiple buildings within the same campus environment.
They also want to ensure that no unauthorized devices are connected between the switches in the
different buildings.
Which solution ensures data security in this environment?
A. Use PNAC on all inter-switch connections.
B. Use LLDP on all inter-switch connections.
C. Use MACsec on all inter-switch connections.
D. Use LACP on all inter-switch connections.
Answer: A

NO.3 Which statement describes a data center?
A. The data center locally hosts thousands of users with wired connections, all with three to four
active devices.
B. The data center encompasses a broad area that is used to interconnect business locations and
C. The data center typically involves high density topologies with multiple points of access.
D. The data center houses the computing resources and services used by a company.
Answer: D

NO.4 Your customer is experiencing problems with session drops and high response time. You are
asked to provide redesign suggestions to minimize these problems. You examine the applications
that are supported by your customer's network to try to identify problem factors.
Which two factors are important from an application-driven network impact perspective? (Choose
A. use of HTTPS protocols by the application
B. IGP protocols in use
C. short timers
D. presence of elephant flows
Answer: C,D

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